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Feline Healthcare

Raising cats is an ongoing love of mine which causes me to be in a constant state of learning. I believe that education is a key component in keeping a kitty safe and healthy. Just like human medicine, feline medicine is constantly advancing and changing. Therefore to be the top in my field, I must continually read, study and consult with the top Veterinarians about the latest findings and advancements in feline medicine and healthcare. As the owner of Lilac Farms Cattery I recieve hundreds of emails every year asking my advice on behavior & healthcare, and because of this, I felt it important for me to start a blog. Like humans, each feline is different from another. What works for one kitty may not work for another. So therefore I may not have the right answer for your particular situation. However, I hope this blog will help answer or assist you in some of the questions you may have regarding your kitties. I will be adding to this blog periodically, so keep checking back for more information.

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