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Alice R Ferris

Owner of Lilac Farms Cattery

Temecula Valley, CA



Alice is a well known and respected  feline behaviorist who specializes in the Persian breed.  Alice is also the owner of Lilac Farms Cattery which is a CFA registered (Persian) Cattery and has clientele from all over the United States & Canada, she has gained a reputable reputation for producing healthy top quality Persians along with providing her clientele an education in feline behavior & healthcare so that they can maximize their experience and treatment of their preexisting or newest feline family member.

Lilac Farms

Custom Cattery


Lilac Farms has grown out of a 40+ year love affair of Persian cats.  I fell in love with this gentle & beautiful breed of feline as a child.  Their docile nature and breathtaking beauty had our family collecting them like dolls.  Every color seemed more beautiful than the next and each personality was a pure joy in its own unique way.  By the time I was an adult I had acquired my own pride of Persians in all assorted colors. These precious furry members of our family continued to garner more than their fair share of love and attention and soon our friends and neighbors were asking for kittens. So in 1996 after moving to CT,  I took stock of our felines and realized that I would love nothing more than to be able to justify a way to spend more time at home with them and Lilac Farms, a CFA registered Cattery was born.  Here we work in four different color divisions, Solid, Pointed (Himalayan),Tabby &

Parti, while specializing in the rare and difficult to produce Chocolate & Lilac colorations.  We take immense pride in developing some of the most beautiful Persians possible holding true to their breed standard. Lilac Farms is a Closed & Cage Free Cattery.  All of our kittens are born in our bedroom so that I can monitor them throughout the night.  They are allowed to grow & develop underfoot, having constant human love & attention from the day they are born until the moment they leave us. Felines raised in this manner result in kitties who are both physically & mentally sound & healthy  with personalities you can't help but fall in love with, adore and want to take home.   

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