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Lilac Farms Client Testimonials 




With so many Catteries to choose between, screening them all and deciding upon one can be a daunting task. 

When it comes to my own quests, I find client testimonials to be very helpful & telling. Therefore I decided to create this page of testimonials written by some of our clients so that they could share their personal experiences of Lilac Farms with you. 


Alice Ferris and Lilac Farms:

My husband Rod and I are both animal lovers we have been since we were children. I grew up in a home with all sorts of animals as well as Rod. We treat our animals as if they are our children even our Vet says she wants to come back in her next life as a cat in our home. So when our 18 year old Brown Tabby Persian lost his battle with failing kidneys about three years ago our search for others began. That search took us literally around the world from Germany to Russia to Turkey to Iran to England to California and finally to Connecticut. Nothing we saw in the form of web sites or pictures of the catteries made us feel comfortable about even wanting to ask questions regarding the kittens, that is until we came across Lilac Farms.

Not only did the web site have the most precious kitty on the front page but when we began looking at each tab we found the cattery itself to be wonderful. While yes we understand that pictures can be altered,  the messages posted there made us want to ask more questions about one particular kitty we saw, Resse Peanut Butter Cup, what a beautiful kitty he was and has turned into such a handsome young man today.

We emailed Alice immediately regarding Reese her response was one of more that we were about to adopt a child rather than a kitten. We had to meet her requirements as well as she having to meet ours. We knew right then that they truly care and love not only their adult cats but the kittens could not be in better hands prior to adoptions. We were not 100% sure if we wanted to continue calling him Reese so in a conversation I had with Alice she said you know I really wouldn't mind if you wanted to change his name to something like "Harry" well you could have knocked me over with a feather as that's just what Rod and I had decided to call him. She began calling him Harry before we picked him up so that he would be used to his new name.

We were so pleased with the way Mr. Harry looked on the pages and from talking with Alice found out what a loving kitten he really was - she would hold him up to the phone so we could hear him purr, we noticed that she had an older female that she was wanting to adopt out as well but also noted that she wanted to make sure that she was adopted with another Lilac Farms cat or kitten. She had a beautiful face and her eyes are just as big a saucers, we also adopted our Miss Putt Putt, registered as Buttercup.  We could not have been more pleased with both Mr. Harry and Miss Putt Putt - so much so that we continued to watch the web site just to see what was available and found a Blue that had the sweetest face and the biggest copper eyes we had ever seen. Also on that page was another female with the sweetest most petite face and features, this one she also said needed to be adopted out with either a current adoption or a home with other Lilac Farms cats or kittens in the home - we emailed her about Mr. Alvin and wanted Miss Megan so much that we now have four cats from Lilac Farms and are looking to adopt even more.

The care, love and attention to each cat and kitten that they give is something like we have never seen before. We have never seen or known of a cattery that hand raises their kittens - for most of them, they are money makers and that's all. To Lilac Farms they are like their children and they truly treat them as such. It is so very apparent once you get your cat or kitten home that their dispositions and loving nature could not come from a cattery that simply breeds and raises them for the money. You have to love what you are doing to produce not only the quality of the kitten, but the personality of the kitten as well.

If you are thinking about adopting a cat or kitten we would tell you without hesitation that Lilac Farms is the place to go, they are world class breeders. It doesn't matter if you want a pet like we have, a show quality or a breeder quality you will not find a better place than Lilac Farms.


Rod and Liz P.



Jetson (aka Archie) recently celebrated his second birthday and is every bit as cute, cuddly and beautiful as the day I picked him up from you as a kitten.  He is my little companion – always purring in my lap when I read, curled up by my feet when I sleep, waiting by the door when I come home. He and Hot Tamale (aka Minnie) are best friends forever. Tamale is five years old now – still the smart, stunning seal point with an incredibly fun-loving, sweet disposition.


When people ask me where I got my two gorgeous Himalayans, I’m always happy to send them your way and recommend Lilac Farms.  Your kittens are the best – beautiful with great personalities. Plus, the guidance you provide to owners is terrific.  It’s very reassuring to know if I ever have a question about my cats, I can always turn to you for advice.


With warm wishes to you and your beautiful kitties,

Christine G.

New York




It was Christmas of 2006, a seemingly normal, happy holiday.  That all changed on December 28th.  My beautiful Daphne,  an eleven year old Himalayan passed away in my arms on the way to our vet.  She had a stoke. My family was heartbroken.  


New Years Day I spoke with my husband and decided to honor Daphne by loving another kitty.  This put me on a journey I never encountered before.  How to find another Himalayan.   One that was just as lovable, sweet and funny as Daphne.  I looked on the internet and checked site after site.  The angels must have been with me because, just by luck, I happened to come upon Lilac Farms. It initially caught my eye because lilacs are one of my favorite spring flowers.  Then I clicked on the pictures and my heart came alive again.  Kitten after kitten was more adorable than the next.  


I e-mailed Alice and explained how we lost Daphne and that we would like to fill the void she left by adopting another kitten.  She e-mailed me back and I could tell just from the first note that she was an amazing person.  I knew we would one day have a Lilac Farms kitty.  It took a few months but, last August (2007) we were lucky to adopt an adorable little Persian kitten we named Lily.  What a love she is.  She has filled our home with joy and laughter.  As I write this she's sitting next to me.  Everyone that meets her fall immediately in love, you can't help it.  She fears nothing and no one.  She joined the rest of my "family" (we had two dogs and three other cats when we got her) with ease.  She has also become the best buddy of our newest addition, a puppy.  The puppy, Chummy, who isn't quite house trained, is confined to our kitchen.  Lily will "puppy sit" him for hours.  She stays in the kitchen with him and sometimes allows him to cuddle with her.  It’s amazing.  She will soon have another baby to take care of.  We will be getting a very precious Himmy in the coming weeks - another beauty from Lilac Farms.


All of these precious babies are a result of the dedication Alice has to them.  I am so lucky to have found her.  I know from our numerous notes how dedicated she is to every single adult cat and kitten she has.  Along with their own mother, she too nurtures each and every baby herself.  She works tirelessly, this I know, as it's not unusual to get a note from her at two, three or even four o'clock in the morning.  She sits on pins and needles the first few weeks of every kitten's life as these can be difficult.  She is a fountain of knowledge and amazed our own Vet when we took Lily for her first checkup.  Most of all though she is a love, and she gives that love to every kitten she has.  I am so blessed to have found her.  I liked her from our first notes and by the time we met I knew we could be friends.  I'm now honored to say we are.  


With all my love,

Amy S.

New York  


Hi Alice,

Terry & I want to thank you for being such a special person in the way you bring the “babies” into this world with all the love & attention that is possible.  After we lost our Sherpa, who was our baby for 10 years, we searched for months looking for just the right person to purchase our new kitten.   The minute we spoke to you Alice,  we knew that this is where our new kitten would come from.


Your recommendation that we take two kittens was the best advice you could have given.  They keep each other company and are the best of buddies.  You should see Bo dragging his purple feathered toy around so that Kayla can chase it.  As Terry says, they make you smile everyday.


We are sure there isn’t another person in the world so dedicated & caring to their cats & kittens as you.  You made sure that we spent all of the time needed to make sure that Bo & Kayla were right for us.  The time that you spent with us when we decided to take them home was extraordinary & so very helpful.  We knew that we had taken home two very healthy, happy, loved babies.


Alice, thank you for our beautiful, loving, fun “babies”.  We would recommend Alice and Lilac Farms to anyone who wants an exceptional Persian kitten.


Thank you again,

Terry & Cathy

Vernon, CT


Dear Alice and Lilac Farms,


I thought I'd take a moment to share my story so others may be helped in their quest to find the perfect cat.


As you know, I've been a cat lover my entire life, having had one as my best friend and constant companion from my earliest childhood memory.  Animals of all kinds have always been an important part of my life, bringing comfort, joy, laughter and responsibility.  I firmly believe that anyone not sharing their life with an animal is truly missing out!


However, this all changed when I got married.  My husband did not grow up around cats.  He grew up with the misguided impression that all cats were vile, stinky, nuisances that did nothing but pee on things.  He was a confessed "Cat Hater".  As much as I tried to tell him otherwise, he wouldn't listen and never changed his view on cats.  One thing he requested early on in our marriage was to never ask him to live with a cat. If I wanted any other animal that was fine, but please, no cats!  There were times I'd visit the Humane Society spending time at the cat cages dreaming of one day owning my own long-haired beauty.  I knew exactly what I wanted...a long-haired Persian or Himalayan! 


Through the years we've loved many wonderful pets, including dogs, bunnies, birds, hamsters....but never cats!  Every year my husband would ask, "What would you like for Christmas?"  Every year I would say, "A cat."  This became our little game for the next 21 years.  But things all changed on that 21st year!  When my husband asked what I'd like for Christmas, not only did I say a cat, but I also added I'd been a great wife, worked hard, raised great kids, and by GOLLY I wanted a CAT!  With a worn down expression my husband finally relented.  He said, "O.k.  You want a cat, go get yourself a cat."  That night I brought Madison of Lilac Farms home! 


You see, I had been e-mailing Alice for a couple of months after reading extensively about Persian and Himalayan cats.  I decided on Lilac Farms over the many other sites I had visited because Alice not only answered my questions promptly but with passion and in such a warm and refreshing way!  I liked her immediately!  Her knowledge of the Persian/Himalayan breed far surpasses many others in the breed.  The ongoing support I received when purchasing my Lilac Farms kitty was worth its weight in gold.  And let's not forget the stunning beauty and outstanding temperaments of these kitties.  They are truly remarkable animals!  What you see on her website is even cuter and sweeter in person! I would urge anyone on the fence about purchasing a Persian or Himalayan cat to not even think twice about it but contact Alice at Lilac won't be sorry.


Fast forward to today...


We are proudly owned by THREE Lilac Farms kitties and one large Rottweiler.  Lilac Farms Veronica and our Rottweiler are inseparable.  Further proof of their stability and good breeding.  And of course, let's not forget my dear husband the confirmed "Cat Hater" who has been completely reformed by his new "best friend" Lilac Farms Madison.  Most mornings Madison can be found in my husband's lap rocking in the rocking chair!  Thank you Madison for changing his opinion on cats and thank you Alice for breeding such beautiful felines.  You have a customer and friend for life!



Karen R.

Windsor Locks, CT


Dear Alice,

I just want you to know what a precious gift your kittens are.  I have had many cats over the years, and most of them, to say the least, have had behavioral issues of one type or another.  The two kittens I have gotten from you are free from any problems behavioral or otherwise.  They are beautiful inside and out.  Everyone who is lucky enough to see them feels the same way.  My Violet was "Winner of the Week" in the 2008 Page a Day cat calendar.  My vet said Fred could do cat commercials he's so cute. 


Two years ago I started a search to replace my flame point Himmy, Dexter.  I lost him after 16 years of love.  I searched the internet far and wide and finally found your Lilac Farms.  It was simply the best web site out of all of them.  One of the kittens stood out for me with her bright, spicy expression.  I emailed you and got a quick response that she was available.  None of the other web sites that I contacted even responded to my questions. 


This spring my husband and I were looking at the kittens you had posted only ten minutes before and we saw one baby who was the EXACT spitting image of my Dexter!!!  My husband said, "Let's get him now, before anyone else does."  And that's how I got my retirement present.


I have to say, Alice, that you are one of the most honest, conscientious and generous people I have ever met. Dealing with you has been nothing but a pleasure. Our kitties are our family and you understand completely. You have me as a friend and a customer for life.


Purrs and Love,

Chris, Dennis, Violet, Maregne & Jude.

New York



Dear Alice,


I can't thank you enough for our two WONDERFUL cats!  They are so beautiful and have the best personalities of any cats we've ever had.  They are so friendly and whenever I call them they come running.  Everyone that meets them falls in love.  Our children adore them and play with them for hours.  And, of course,  your knowledge, support and helpfulness has been fantastic.  The moment we have room for another cat, we will come to you immediately!  We are so grateful we found you and Lilac Farms - we don't know what we'd do without you!  



Adrienne B. and Family

After my husband and I decided we wanted a persian kitten, we began researching for the best quality cattery we could find. We searched all over the United States and Canada for a breeder that had quality kittens and, knowing that the first few months of a cat's life are crucial to the behavior of a kitten, provided individual attention and love to each new kitten.


We found Lilac Farms online and began reading about Alice Ferris's persian and himalayan kittens. What stood out among the rest of the cat breeders was her online guide to buying a kitten complete with questions you should ask your breeder. After more research, we found out that Alice takes every precaution to ensure her breeding females are in perfect health before they give birth. Along with the milk the kittens receive from their mother, Alice hand feeds all her kittens with a bottle, therefore each kitten receives a lot of personal attention.


We bought Hope (our beautiful, show quality chocolate persian) in June of 2008 and made the trip from Boston to Connecticut to pick her up. We spent hours with Alice learning about proper care of our new kitten including grooming, feeding and veterinary care. Alice makes herself available to us anytime we have a question about Hope; she is an invaluable resource of information and knowledge about Persian cats.


I would highly recommend Lilac Farms to anyone wishing to purchase a quality persian kitten and who wishes to learn more about proper care of them.


Lindsey M.



Five years ago, I was fortunate enough to adopt two beautiful kittens, Cooper and Leila, from Alice at Lilac Farms.  I was looking for a pair of kittens, and Alice worked with me to select this very bonded brother and sister pair.  She spent a lot of time working with me to understand what I was looking for and to select the perfect pair of kittens.  I was very impressed by how much she knew about each of her babies and their individual personalities.  It is clear that Cooper and Leila were raised with love and care.  Cooper has grown up to be a very outgoing, friendly and handsome boy, while Leila is supermodel-gorgeous, and slightly more reserved, earning the nickname “Kitty Fabulous” (and she is!).   I have enjoyed them so much that I contacted Alice early this year to help me select another kitten to add to my family.  I told Alice that I was looking for a confident, playful kitten that would fit in with my adult kitties.  This summer, Alice contacted me to tell me that she finally had the perfect kitten for my family.  And she did – I have adopted Barney, who is my baby boy and follows me everywhere.   Barney is all about butterfly kisses, snuggling, and playtime!  He quickly fit in with Cooper and Leila.  He especially likes Cooper, and follows him around when I’m not available.  Alice spent several hours with me this summer to share her most up-to-date knowledge on cat care, so I felt fully prepared to adopt baby Barney. 


My parents also have two cats that they adopted from Lilac Farms – Chip and Steve.  They are wonderful boys, and travel to Florida every year, where they enjoy both front and rear screened in porches!  They also enjoy impressing everyone with their charm and good looks.


I can’t say enough good things about Alice and Lilac Farms.  She works with each client to select the perfect kitten, and shares her extensive knowledge about cat care.  I have never met anyone so informed about cats, and she provides you with insight on how to handle every cat-related situation.  I have also found that the relationship doesn’t end after the adoption.  Alice has always made herself available to answer my questions as they come up.


Thank you, Alice, for my wonderful kitties!


Karen C.

Windsor, CT



I found the greatest gift when I found Lilac Farms Custom Cattery.  After doing an extensive  search for Himi-Persian Breeders, I kept going back to Alice’s website.  Not only was I drawn to the most beautiful kitties I’ve ever seen,   but everything she wrote made me feel safe enough to contact her.  I was looking for two, healthy kitties after my angel cat had passed away.   After several conversations with Alice she knew not to sell me show quality kitties although she could have made more money.  She waited for the perfect kitties to be born for me, and they were!    The day I picked my boys up, I was never so impressed.  She’s an educated, caring and loving breeder who shares all her secrets with you.   I felt like I was at a University class and never realized how much I didn’t know. 

Lilac Farms is first rate, and I think Alice was born to bring us the most beautiful, healthy unique kitties in the world.   If you meet her, you might agree when I think of her as a cat whisperer.

I’m holding back right now for a little himi girl, as my boys are still to young.   But I will see Alice, and only Alice, again.   If you love himi-persians,  you will love Lilac Farms.  Thank you Alice for all you share and for my two little boys who  light up the house again.  


Diane G.

New Jersey

We acquired our kittens almost a year ago. What joy and love they've added to our lives. We researched many other breeders before coming upon Lilac Farms on the web.  What a difference!   You are one of a very few breeders who do not use cages.  We had two purebred cats in years past, one Persian the other Himalayan.  Our experiences acquiring each of them did not prepare us for the quality and warmth of Lilac Farms.  We found you passionately knowledgeable about everything to do with cats. We are still following your detailed advice about food and healthcare. Everyone who has met our "babies," including professional cat people, says they are superb examples of Himalayans and cats in general.   We have benefited from your exceptional breeding practices.


Linda & Walter C.

New York


I found lilac farms in my local newspaper…almost 6-7 years ago!!  It was an ad for cute Himalayan/Persian kittens….and I knew I needed to check it out. Well I went to Alice’s website all the time..i just knew I had to have one of her kitties!!  Over the years I would constantly BUG my husband to come look at her kittens..I would say “someday I’m going to have one!”   Well it was November 2006… when my sweet baby girl Layla had passed away…. And my very sweet husband said to me the next day “do you want one of the Lilac farms kittens?”   I was so happy..that I immediately went online to email alice to see if any were available. She emailed me back the next day to tell me that none were available at the present time..i was so sad. The following day I got an email from her that said a sale of a kitten had fell thru..I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! We then met at her place to talk about purchasing my new kitten who’s name was Kitkat at the time….she was so cute!! I knew I had wanted to call her Billie after my dad who had also passed away in november of 2006. I brought my mom with me to meet alice…we had the best time…alice was so nice and really helped me understand the caring of my new girl…she explained everything in such great detail that I still use to this day.  Alice also introduced me to her wonderful Vets that really take great care of Billie……thank you Alice for always answering my emails and for giving me the my sweet, shy, loving BILLIE!!!   Trust me I tell everyone I know what a great experience I had with Alice and Lilac farms…

love always….

Mary L. 

Rocky Hill,  CT


Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for raising two amazing and loving kittens! As you know, I was prepared to bring home only one kitten but to my surprise, an opportunity presented itself and I could not say no! My decision to take home two kittens was wholly based on my interactions with you.  My experience has been nothing but positive since day one.  You made me feel extremely comfortable and I am so grateful for that. You have gone above and beyond my expectations of a breeder.  Not only did you spend time in person with me but you continue to respond to my emails with any questions I may have. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Lilac Farms and you to future pet owners.  I only have to look at my little ones and realize I made the right decision!


Thank you again!!!

~Melissa R.~ 


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