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Lilac Farms Custom Cattery

Health Guarantee

Contract / Terms of Sale

This Agreement Governs the Sale of the Following

Purebred Persian/Himalayan Cat:


Name:___________________________Date of Birth:______________ Sex:__________Color:_______________________________________

Litter Name:_______________________________________________ Sire:______________________________________________________ Dam:_____________________________________________________



This Kitten/Cat is Being Sold To:


Buyer’s Name:_____________________________________________

Address of Buyer:___________________________________________

City, State, Zip:_____________________________________________ Phone:_____________________Email:__________________________




The Conditions of This Sale are as Follows:


The Kitten/Cat described above is being sold for the sole purpose of a Pet, for the sum of_________________and the following consideration: 


1.  Buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for the cat/kitten, and will provide properly for it’s welfare. Buyer agrees to                keep the kitten/cat indoors in a clean & pleasant environment, uncaged & with proper nutrition, healthcare, &  


2.  Buyer agrees that if the kitten/cat is found to be neglected or mistreated, Seller shall have the unconditional right to                reclaim the kitten/cat WITHOUT refund of of purchase price. Neglect shall include, but is not limited to: being left

     alone without human companionship for periods in excess of 72 hours: lack of proper sanitary facilities; being

     caged; poor diets; poor health, & otherwise poor condition. Mistreatment shall include, but is not limited to: lack of

     proper food lack of water, & physical abuse. Buyer will be responsible for any veterinary bills directly incurred as a

     result of any neglect or mistreatment. 


3.  Buyer agrees that this kitten/cat was purchased as a pet & may be shown in the show ring, but not for breeding, &
     unless neutered/spayed before sale, must be neutered or spayed within the week of ________________________,
     or pay a penalty of $5,000.00 after the week of________________________. Buyer assures & guarantees that this                kitten/cat will not be used for breeding or stud. Buyer agrees that a certificate of alteration from a licensed

     veterinarian will be sent to Seller within one week of the alteration date, unless prior arrangements have been made in          writing.  


4.  Upon presentation of a veterinarian’s letter stating that this kitten has been neutered or spayed, Seller agrees to

     give Buyer the registration slip so he/she can register the kitten. 


5.  Health Guarantee: This kitten/cat is guaranteed of sound health upon delivery or arrival, & for a period of 72 hours

     thereafter if vetted within that time.  We recommend that the Buyer’s Veterinarian perform a health check, as well as              run blood work to test for Feline Leukemia as well as Feline Aids (FIV) to verify no trace of these fatal illnesses. 

6.  Failure to have the animal checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours will void any guarantee. If there are                  other pets in the household (cat/dog), it is recommended that the new kitten/cat be quarantined until the Buyer’s

     Veterinarian has run the two blood tests and verified the health of the new kitten/cat. If the kitten/cat is found to be                  medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, It must be reported to the Seller immediately.                      Upon it’s return, the feline will be replaced with another kitten/cat of equal value. The Seller reserves the right to                      reserve a cash refund. If no replacement is available at the time of return, Seller will have up to one year to furnish a              comparable kitten/cat. The kitten/cat cannot be returned for compensation after the guaranteed period of time has                  expired and/or it has been exposed to another cat. Seller will not honor any health guarantee if the kitten/cat dies of a            virus from contact with another animal. The buyer agrees to provide immediate veterinary care to this kitten/cat if it shows      signs of distress, illness, or injury. Failure to do so will render the guarantee null & void. If the kitten/cat dies within the            guarantee period, despite medical treatment, compensation will be made only if a licensed veterinarian certifies the cause      of death. It is the Seller’s right to ask for the kitten/cat to be returned for identification before providing a replacement or          any compensation. Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary bills of this kitten/cat after leaving Seller’s residence. It      is further agreed by both Buyer & Seller that: This guarantee of health is void if the Buyer has the kitten/cat inoculated            with the controversial FIP vaccine. 


7.  This kitten/cat is guaranteed against Death from a congenital defect for three years. Should the animal die within                    that time as a direct result of a congenital defect, the cat will be replaced, ONLY if an appropriate necropsy is                          performed by a licensed veterinarian and a veterinarian’s certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. Once the              Buyer provides this certificate to the Seller, at the discretion of the Seller and as to the available felines, a replacement          of comparable quality & value, will be made .


8.  Seller has the unconditional right to reclaim kitten/cat without refund of purchase price for any breach of contract.                    Breach of contract penalty is $500.00 per item. 


Lilac Farms Custom Cattery

Health Guarantee

Contract / Terms of Sale


Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in Temecula, CA County Court.

Buyer shall be liable for any court costs & relate charges including attorney’s fees associated with Seller enforcing the terms of this contract. This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties.


In signing this document, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, and agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the above sale described in the seven pages of this Contract.


In Witness Whereof, we each have signed this agreement this________day of______________,___________.


Signature of Buyer:________________________


Signature of Seller:________________________

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