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Lilac Farm's Adoption Process




In years gone past, while living in Connecticut we produced quite a few litters yearly and therefore we didn't require a waiting list.  However after moving to Southern California we have lessened our breeding program, so presently we are only producing a very limited number of litters a year. And due to these limited numbers and having so few babies, our kittens are in high demand. Therefore we decided it would be best for everyone to start a waiting list.  If you would like to get on our waiting list, please fill out our questionnaire that I've posted below. 


For those who don't live within driving distance, it is important for you to be aware that we do not ship our felines.  I like all inquires to know that many years ago we adopted a policy that all our kitties who fly on airplanes need to be accompanied by either their owner or our Feline Carrier Pet Transport Service who will fly with our kitties in the passenger section of the airplane.  We will not allow our kittens to be shipped unaccompanied, or in the cargo area of a plane. We strictly keep to this rule for the physical and mental well being of our felines. Also, for the health of our kittens we don't allow them to fly on airplanes until they reach at least 16 weeks of age and are physically old enough to handle the stress of the trip.


As a feline behaviorist I feel it important to give our clients the best advice I possibly can about creating and keeping a happy feline household.  As I have come to learn, a feline's mental happiness has a huge impact on its physical health.  Therefore, keeping one's cat/kitten mentally stimulated and happy is an important part of its physical care. 


For inquiries who have no other cats in their households, I highly recommend adopting a pair who have already grown attachments towards each other.  I can't stress enough how social cats are within their kitty families, they constantly comfort, love, play, cuddle and clean each other.  For anyone questioning getting a pair, or who are on the fence about getting two, I have to say getting a pair is much better then getting one.  It may sounds strange, but, having two felines isn't much more work then having one.  Some of the most important factors are that they keep each other company when people aren't around for companionship.  They thoroughly enjoy having a companion to grow up with and share life with.   A cat who has a feline companion is mentally and physically healthier, so they often live longer, happier lives.  They are also less likely to develop behavioral issues.  Having a pair helps not only by keeping them from being lonely.  But, it also lessens their stress, it causes their fear levels to be less intense throughout their lives, especially going into new environments. Therefore their adjustment going into a new home will be easier on them, (and you).


I like inquires to know we do offer a special 10% discount on kittens who are being offered at full price and adopted in pairs.  Or to return clients wanting to add to their Lilac Farms family.


My top priority is to find the perfect matched homes for our felines so that they have loving forever homes.  And in order for me to place our kitties properly I require perspective owners to fill out our Home Pre-Approval questionnaire. Therefore all interested parties will need to copy and paste the Questionnaire posted below onto an email, once the questionnaire is pasted onto an email, you may answer the questions asked and email it back to me at:



Lilac Farms Questionnaire



 1)    How many people reside in your home? 



 2)    Are any of them children?  



 3)    If you do have children, how many reside in your home?  



 4)   What are the ages & genders of the children residing within the



 5)   Would you consider your lifestyle to be more active & outside of the

        house or are you inside & home most of the time?



 6)    Is your household busy & loud or is it more quite & relaxed?



 7)    Have you ever owned a purebred Persian or Himalayan cat?   



 8)    Do you plan to breed this kitty, show it, or have it as a house pet?



 9)    When are you looking to add a new kitty to your household?


10)   Where, or how did you learn of Lilac Farms?



11)    Do you have any other pets?       



12)    If you do have other pets, what are they?     



13)    What is the breed of your cat or cats?



14)    What are the age/ages of your cat or cats?



15)    What is the gender/genders of your cat or cats?



16)    Are your cat or cats neutered or spayed?



17)    Is your feline or felines currant on their Distemper & Rabies




18)    Has your cat/cats been tested for Feline Leukemia or FIV?



19)    Do you allow your cats to go outside?



20)    If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, does it receive the Feline

         Leukemia vaccination?



21)   What is your cat or cat's disposition? Such as, are they friendly, aloof,

         timid, dominant, or aggressive?  Describe them.



22)    Do you have a dog?



23)    If you do, what is your dog/dogs disposition? Such as, are they  

         friendly, aloof, timid, dominant, or aggressive?  Describe them.



24)    What is your dog or dogs breed, age and sex ?  



25)    Is your dog/dogs neutered or spayed?



26)    Does your dog or dogs live indoor or outdoors?



27)    Has your dog ever lived around or been exposed to cats?



28)    If your dog has been around cats, what is its disposition and reactions

         towards the cat?



29)    Has your dog ever been exposed to a kitten?



Depending on your answers to this questionnaire, I may have a few more questions for you.  I’d like to thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire.





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